Dr. Augustin B. – Germany

Speakers: Daniel Hertz M7B

Product: AUVA 100s.

“It’s hard to envisage what an isolator will generally do to a random system acoustically, but in my case, it was rather simple. So I give you a specific description what actually happened, after acquiring the Auva 100 for my Daniel Hertz M7B speakers. Generally I pick my gear very carefully, so I needed a professional isolator solution for my next step after my system was finished (I thought).

I use ultra-efficient speakers so, I thought isolator could potentially work wonders in my system in the long run. But Mark Levinson told me by having a conversation with him, that I shouldn’t expect too much from any isolator under his speakers… in the end my experience said otherwise.

My primitive 1st gen. plan was plain simple: raise the speaker cabinet to a small amount, so my robot vacuum would fit around the edges of the speaker without to scratch my piano black finishing, without losing musicality… okey, check mark.

But I was still curious if their claims about Auva isolator has any benefits, so I listened carefully, and to my big surprise, the overall sound signature gained a deep background from nowhere. I was floored. Probably the resonance-reduction towards floor & back gave the cone vibration the remaining extra movement to enhance the total effectivity of the speakers.

At least that’s my interpretation of the outcome. So no energy loss present from the cabinet vs. wood floor interactions anymore.

What else? Soundstage got deeper and the whole presentation gained something magical, the MUSIC CAME TOGETHER finally and I was able to let alone my weird idea to upgrade my amplifier again & again. It is not necessary, my plan is to enhance my current system to maximum potential with small tweaks like this. Of course, I have to admit ML is also right, to reach such changes (or even bigger) it is also possible to change amplification which has speaker-specific fine-tuning.

There are many ways to influence sound in domentic environments.

Highend system building is a fancy game, You either love to do it by finding a way to reproduce your music collection in a satisfactory manner, or you will always seek for something better and you will unable to find your ultimate peace in this hobby.

A hobby should be fun, and I found my end destination with my system, and Auva 100 helped me to calm down, sit back, and forget about upgrades. My system has been completed, this isolator was the missing piece. I’m there… no major issue found for my ambitious audible taste anymore.

Please keep in mind, that I possess absolute hearing: 18K Hz not a problem for me… Stack Audio, thank You guys. Your flexibility & kindness towards customers is unmatched in my humble opinion.”

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