Coming soon from Stack Audio...

The new ONSET Ultra Low Noise USB Streamer

A compact USB music streamer that acts as a bridge between your network and DAC providing total control over all your digital sources - internet; USB; computer; NAS drives.

The new Stack Audio ONSET put the emphasis on sound quality. Just as the turntable, arm and cartridge are the vital first stage of analogue music reproduction, the USB streamer is the first stage of digital music reproduction. The minimisation of digital noise is the first objective to achieve a high quality and fluid musical sound. The ONSET utilises a three stage power filter to provide a pure, clean, digital signal. Accurate timing is crucial to sound performance of electronics. A standard streamer has multiple different clocks running at different frequencies. The ONSET uses only one oscillator frequency ensuring optimum accuracy.

Convenience and management of multiple music files and sources is a vital part of the digital music streaming experience. The ONSET supports Roon, Open Home. Inputs: WiFi, wired ethernet, USB, Outputs: USB

Compact, beautiful and musical. The new ONSET USB streamer from Stack Audio. Check out more details and availability soon.