David A. – UK

“The second set of AUVAs are a revelation under my Musical fidelity m6scd  cd player compared to the Isoacoustics OREA Indigo isolators the same as I found using them under my streamer I sit in amazement at how something that has practically metal to metal contact can improve the sound so much, once you put them under the equipment you do not want to remove them, the sound is so much more open detail comes out you have not heard before.”

“Received my third set of AUVA EQs this week. They never cease to amaze me, they have made a very noticeable improvement in the bass, imaging and spaciousness of my Sugden Audio Masterclass IA-4 and Union Research Simply 4 Valve amp. Can’t wait to see what a difference they make to my Garrard 401!”

“The latest order of AUVA’s have worked their magic again, this time on the British amp classic Quad11. Tighter bass, wide soundstage and clarity and they look very impressive on these amps.”

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