David A. – UK

“After 3 days of listening my verdict is in. The equipment used is a Sugden IA-4 Masterclass Amplifier feed from an Arcam ST60 streamer, feed from a Qnap Nas drive with Roon installed, and a range of genres of music supplied by Tidal. The mains supplied to all the equipment is running through a Puritan Audio PSM156 mains purifier all equipment used also uses AUVA isolation. The speakers are the Dali Rubicon 6.

The speaker isolation is the AUVA 100’s with spikes fitted
The first thing I noticed is an improved bass quality it has more definition and punch you can clearly hear all the textures of the bass notes and the starting and stopping of notes everything is clearly defined and doesn’t seem to overload the room especially at higher volumes it’s akin to hearing bass in an acoustically treated room it all seems more under control this also follows through to the mid and highs where the sharper definition also shows through in the sound staging.
As for the quality of the feet they are superbly made feel very heavy and premium quality, presentation is also superb as the units are supplied in a classy looking wooden box. Mounted on my speakers they look very large and impressive some may say the smaller 70’s may have been more appropriate for my size of speaker but for myself living in an apartment isolation from the floor and stopping structure born vibration is paramount worth noting if you live in an apartment, I took no chances, for me the 100’s fit the bill admirably.
How do they compare to my Townshend Podium’s well the first thing is asthetics getting rid of the bulk has made a lot more room and they look better  I never had an issue with the isolation or sound of the Podium’s but the AUVA 100’s in my room with my acoustics and setup have far more control and seem to hold things together better giving improved sound quality.
Although expensive they feel and look Premium, in my room they improved on the sound of my Townshend Podiums that cost considerably more. A very happy satisfied customer. Highly recommended.”
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