David A. – UK

Very happy to receive the AUVA 50’s for my Sonus Faber Minima Amator’s (original vintage). I have had three days of evaluating the new speaker feet and as you know many more with the AUVA EQ’s on all my other equipment, to form a pretty good opinion on the performance of the feet and improvement to my system as a whole.

Below is a list of the equipment used in this evaluation.

All equipment in the system is powered by Puritan Audio’s PS156 and PS136 Power conditioners.

Amplification is via a Unison Research Simply Four Valve Amp with four AUVA EQ’s.

The record deck is the Garrard 401 mounted in an Acoustand Audio Dual Arm Plinth using in this test the Acoustand Audio ALT-12, 12’’ Tonearm with Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge custom electrically matched to an Angle Audio discrete Phono pre-amp with three AUVA EQ’s under the record deck plinth.

The CD player is a vintage Arcam Delta 170.3 CD Transport using three AUVA EQ’s re-clocked via a Monarchy Audio re-clocking device with two AUVA EQ’s. The DAC is a Vintage Valve output Audio Note DAC 1 used with four AUVA EQ’s.

The streamer is a Bluesound Node 2 with one AUVA EQ fed from a ROON installed/ QNAP thunderbolt M2 SSD equipped NAS and QNAP switches, via a 10gig fibre hybrid network. This then goes into the steamer via ethernet cable in to an ADOT, Audiophile optical fibre kit, speed reduced to 100mb then fed into the streamer via ethernet cable. A similar solution to SmoothLAN.

Mains cables are Neotech NEP-3001 MK3 for Amp Neotech NEP-3002 MK3 for Streamer, Puritan Audio Classic and sonic link for CD/DAC/ Combo and record deck.

Interconnects are Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Silver for the streamer, Chord Solid silver (The old version that was in a copper pipe) for the record deck and Van Damme silver for the DAC.

Speaker cable, Wire World Concert 2.


After listening to all sources with a wide selection of music genres over the last few weeks the first thing I notice with adding AUVA’S is the improved quality of bass the openness, improved definition especially with the record deck, Valve sources and a lower noise floor, the music was also more engaging this improved as more AUVA’s were added to individual items.

We then move on to the AUVA 50’s used with the pads what was I expecting with all the other AUVA’S in the chain at most a slight improvement how wrong I was. With the AUVA 50’s the bass was even more improved and tighter the sound had more richness i.e. you could practically imagine the persons fingers going down the fret board on the Guitar the bass had even more definition and slam even on the very small Sonus Faber speakers, voice and instruments had more impact and emotion with the noise floor being so low you could hear decay on the instruments down to the lowest of the low level. Overall, I can say these feet have been one of the biggest improvements to my system that you can almost immediately notice the difference. Time to replace my Townshend Seismic Podiums with a more room friendly solution 70’s or 100’s for this though can’t wait, also looking forward to hearing what an AUVA record clamp can do for a Garrard 401.

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