Jean-Francois N. – France

“The Link 2 with PSU is a significant improvement of the initial product which was already very good and had very positive reviews.

The building quality is outstanding in this price range. The size and weight of the PSU is particularly impressive compared with the unit it powers.

The upgrade of the Link in my system has immediately enlarged the sound stage, both in width and depth.

I very often close my eyes, while listening to music, with the new “duo” of Stack Audio I feel a holographic and organic presence of the music. The esthetical choices of musicians and engineers are perfectly transcript.

The bandwidth is incredible.

The basses are powerful, full of shades, punchy and/or soft with an incredible energy that is transform in a true acoustic pressure in your stomach.

The high frequencies are silky and not aggressive

The midrange frequencies on human voice are organic.

The Stockfish sample N° 2 on track “Caruso” is incredible of beauty and beautiful realistic end of notes.

It is also obvious that Theo Stack like vinyl style restitution.

For the first time, my 20 years old A5 Studer active speakers give me their real full mastering potential.

One important quality of this very good frequencies distribution is that it is maintain independently of the level. You don’t have the temptation to increase the level to get more basses or reduce because too aggressive trebles.

You have the possibility to listen and appreciate your favourite music at low level even if your wife is in the same room

Last not least of the relation with the company are very simple and friendly. For them, the importance of customer’s satisfaction is natural. If they face an issue, they fix it and have the ability to do the adequate small commercial attention.

Stack Audio cannot make expensive psu, they cannot have excessive overhead. The good new is that they offer with the Link 2 associated to the PSU a product with a fantastic quality price ratio.”

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