Doug L. – UK

“I first became interested in considering using my computer as a playback/streaming device a number
of years ago. I originally used my desktop computer and various Dacs such as Audio Engine D1,
followed by Audiolab M and Chord Mojo.

I started spending considerable time researching audio playback and equipment through a variety of
means, including articles on the internet; you tube channels such as Hans Beekhuyzen, John Darko
and publications in Hifi and computer magazines etc. I started to understand the influence on music
playback a ‘noisy’ computer could have on the audio quality.

As I became more interested, I took out subscriptions with Audivarna and Qobuz, to both improve
the audio quality from the PC and also with Qobuz to have access to a vast catalogue of music and
also to explore albums in Hi Res.

Further investigation on use of using a PC in music playback, lead me to realise that it was not of
course designed as an audio playback device. I was also of the opinion that I didn’t want the PC near
my Hifi equipment. I have that upstairs in an office and my stereo equipment downstairs.

I came to the conclusion that to improve the quality of audio playback, I had to invest in some new
equipment to achieve such results. I was keen where possible to buy British designed and
manufactured equipment.

The priority in choosing my new equipment focussed on the streamer/network player. Hans
Beekhuyzen had reviewed The Link on his channel and was clearly impressed with the results. The
involvement in the design by John Westlake, for me having used previously designed products of his,
was a major influence on my purchase of The Link.

My experience since upgrading all my equipment and purchasing of The Link has been excellent. I
am delighted with the sound quality I’m achieving and convinced The Link is playing a major part in
the improvement.

I decided not to upgrade the software when it became available, preferring to stick with Volumio. I
was helped by Theo in making such a change and his support enabled the process without any

My whole experience in purchasing the product and receiving any required support has been
excellent and I would thoroughly recommend The Link without hesitation.”


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