Colin H. – UK

“Just a note to confirm that I have received smooth lan. It’s been installed into the Ethernet input in my recently aquired melco library streamer. I also had fibre broadband installed last week.

So my system is a little disturbed at the moment. I also want to let the smooth lan bed in. My link is also out of the mix at the moment as I mentioned, something I need to sort out.
When you make changes you get alterations in the sound, they may not all be in the right direction. So before I added the lan smoother I could hear vocal sibilance on a couple of tracks that I play regularly. On balance it was something I accepted as a trade off for the more pinpoint three dimensional sound image.
The problem track was the first I played. The vocal sibilance had disappeared! So I am delighted. So only positive improvements noticed at the moment. I will give it some time to bed in before I give it a more considered focused impression.”
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