Removing vibrations

The AUVA EQ is an equipment isolator that combines two distinct vibration absorbing techniques working in tandem for the ultimate in isolation performance.

Hi-Fi equipment can suffer from vibrations known as microphony. This is when physical vibrations generate electrical signals inside sensitive components, causing audio interference. These vibrations can originate externally, from sources like speakers of traffic, and internally from components like transformers and spinning disc drives.

Removing the vibrations reveals more detail and texture in music, which is why Stack Audio has developed the AUVA EQ system to allow your Hi-Fi system to perform at its best.

How it works

AUVA EQ uses a hybrid vibration absorption system combining two technologies – AUVA and CSA. AUVA is our Particle Impact Damping technology developed for our award-winning loudspeaker isolators. CSA stands for Custom Silicone Absorber – a new purpose-designed deformable suspension that provides Compliant Damping.

The rigid machined aluminium shell of the AUVA EQ is designed to sit underneath Hi-Fi equipment in direct contact with the case. The Custom Silicone Absorber sits on the Hi-Fi shelf or rack. As such, the case of the Hi-Fi equipment is directly coupled with the AUVA chamber of the EQ but de-coupled (or isolated) from the Hi-Fi shelf via the CSA suspension. This construction allows the AUVA EQs to help absorb internal vibrations whilst isolating the equipment.

AUVA Technology

AUVA harnesses the power of Particle Impact Dampening which eliminates vibrations across a broad frequency range, unveiling remarkable clarity in musical recording. The vibrations excite the particles, creating movement and collisions that dissipate the energy virtually instantaneously. Think of it like throwing a ball into soft sand -the sand absorbs the energy from the ball, preventing it bouncing. CLICK HERE to read more about AUVA technology.

The AUVA chamber, strategically positioned at the first point of contact between the isolator and Hi-Fi casing, helps absorb internally generated vibrations from the equipment, preventing them affecting sensitive electronics within the unit.

Custom Silicone Absorber

Unlike loudspeakers that should be positioned precisely and held rigidly, Hi-Fi electronics benefit from being de-coupled from the stand or shelf that they are setting on. By their nature, compliant solutions absorb vibration by movement.

Our Custom Silicone Absorber is specifically formulated and modeled to absorb high levels of external vibration that can be transmitted up through Hi-Fi racks, effectively de-coupling the Hi-Fi equipment. The CSA is height adjustable and comes in 3 versions to work optimally with different weights of partnering equipment.


The EQs are designed to sit flush between Hi-Fi electronics and the equipment shelf or rack and are suitable for Hi-Fi sources, digital processors, and amplifiers. They can be used under rigid turntables, but we do not recommend using them with suspended turntable designs.

AUVA EQs come in sets of 3 or 4. CSA inserts are available in 3 versions to suit different equipment weights. EQs are individually height adjustable up to 3mm.

Size: (D)50(H)28mm

CSA 1: 0-4kg, (0-9lbs) per isolator*

CSA 2: 4-10kg, (9-22lbs) per isolator*

CSA 3: 10-15kg (22-33lbs) per isolator*

*All weights are per isolator, divide the weight of your HiFi by the number of isolators you will be using to ascertain which CSA insert you will require. 

All AUVA products are covered by a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

£198.00 for 4 isolators

Customer Reviews

HighFidelity Magazine review the AUVA EQs
Highfidelity Magazine recently published a review of our AUVA EQs, experimenting with them under several pieces of Hi-Fi & the beautiful Rega Plan 3 50th Anniversary turntable.
Hans Beekhuyzen reviews the AUVA EQs
"I review many good products, but there is occasionally a product that blows me away, this is such a product."
Kevin B. – UK
"Pleased to say the EQs were delivered last week and they have since been installed and doing a great job. Size-wise and finish-wise, they are a perfect match. They have also rectified the vibration issue so I am more than happy."
Klaus B. – Germany
"Using the EQs with the Oppo and TT resulted in improvements which were clearly audible and essential. It sounded as if the musicians were present in the room!"
Ted S. – USA
"All the descriptors that Hans Beekhuyzen used are there. But what I personally found different was a relaxing of my brain. I was listening to the music instead of analyzing the music."
Havard D. – Norway
"Immediately I noticed more separation, or focus, as Chesky Records say. Individual instruments were easier to hear, but also background vocalists."
Ernesto D. – USA
"There is less smearing, more definition, tighter bass and better spatial queues."
Joe G. – Canada
"I found an improvement on all of the equipment I tested the EQs with but the biggest improvement I found were on the source equipment: CD player, DVD player (both audio and surprisingly on the video as well) and on my phono amp."
Ron W. – USA
"The moment I replaced my AP with coupling discs to the AUVA EQ, I heard way more low-level detail, texture, width/depth and image focus was much tighter."
Adam A. – USA
"The AUVA EQs sound best on my preamp in my current system, and it's an improvement in the overall system frequency response."

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