Andreas H. – Switzerland

Product: AUVA 100

“I am actually a fan of source first, but had to invest in sound treatment because the room produced too many standing waves. After installing the panels, I experienced an increase in spatiality in all dimensions and much more transparency, I had expected that, although not to the same extend. What was surprising was the increase in dynamics. I was totally happy with my sound.

In this situation, I ordered the AUVAs for my proAc D48R’s. I wanted to know if spikes could possibly be surprassed. The concept sounded promising. This time, too, my expecations were exceeded. At a much lower price than my panels, the AUVAs had a comparable effect! More three-dimensionality, transparency and dynamics! No more vibrations from loose spikes and those dynamic tight basses! My dynamic Naim components now run on steroids! Addictive! Highly recommended.”

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