Our Story

Stack Audio is a Devon-based British manufacturer of award-winning Hi-Fi products. Stack Audio has gained reputation with its customers internationally for delivering products of uncompromising build and
finish quality with exceptional sound. This has been at the heart of all of our products since incorporation in 2013.   

Innovation that unmasks the music

Vibrations exist in our systems and those vibrations can and
do distort the music we love. Our company mission is to remove masking vibrations, leaving only the pure undistorted music we want to hear. We apply innovative technology in all of our products with the singular goal of delivering transparent musical detail which is so essential to enjoying the listening experience.


Designed and manufactured in the UK

At the heart of our business is British manufacturing. All Our products are fully designed and assembled in-house in the UK, without compromise. We work closely with a network of local suppliers who all share our passion and ethos for quality. The outside and the inside are equally important. For us, quality runs through from the visible external surfaces to the smallest internal details. We believe the details are as important as the whole to deliver products we are proud to make.

Performance and value to last

The performance and price of hi-fi are too often disconnected – marginal gains seem to come with a disproportionate price tag. At Stack Audio we have built a reputation for products that perform well above their price bracket and are built to the highest standard.

'An Aussie Audiophile' Interviews Theo & Josh of Stack Audio.

‘An Aussie Audiophile’ took the time to conduct a two-part interview with Theo (Director) & Josh (Head of Customer Service & Marketing) of Stack Audio. He covered a wide array of subjects, ranging from how we got to know each other, personal Hi-Fi setups, and the story behind the products.

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