The making of the LINK II

Stack Audio truly prides itself on the fact that all our products are made here in the UK, without compromise. It has taken years through trial and error to find suppliers who share our passion and commitment for quality. Our partners supply medical and aerospace companies where there is zero-tolerance for error. For Stack Audio, quality is at the heart of our business.


The LINK II starts its journey as a solid billet of aluminium, which is then machined to achieve its stylish and unique visuals. It takes over an hour for the finished LINK II to emerge. Once the aluminium has been transformed, it is meticulously hand finished.

The Finish

After the LINK II has been inspected, it is blasted with tiny glass beads to provide it with a textured finish before being cleansed in a chemical bath. It then goes through a process called anodising where an electric current is passed through the casing, bonding the ink to the metalwork providing the LINK II’s seamless finish. Here at Stack Audio we worked closely with our partners to achieve a finish we pride ourselves on.

The Electronics
The LINK II is made up of over 100 different electronic components some of which are extremely small. These small components are placed on the circuit board with the greatest precision using machines which use small vacuums to grasp the individual components. The connectors are hand-soldered and the final assembly is undertaken by an experienced operator.
Inspection and Testing

Throughout the manufacturing process individual components are tested and inspected. The final inspection is a series of stress and functionality tests. Finally and most importantly we listen.

World-class Craftsmanship Meets Cutting-edge Technology

The manufacturing of Stack Audio products relies on using cutting-edge manufacturing technology. The most important factor in delivering a product of true quality is the individual operators who set up, monitor, inspect the machines and assemble the LINK II.

We are honoured and grateful for the time, care and effort these individuals invest in making the LINK II.

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